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iPhone 11 & 11 Pro What’s New? [Honest Thoughts & Overview]

Written by Iqra End
Hey guys, what’s up. So, today I got done watching the Apple Keynote so I thought I would make kind of like a reaction Article not a reaction but just kind of my thoughts and in general go over what was announced during it.
Mainly talking about the iPhones because I mean they talked a little bit about Apple TV plus and also Apple arcade and those each are gonna be like five dollars a month later this month when they get released or whatever. Don’t care about that.
They also announced the Apple watch series 5. That was cool because this is gonna have an always-on display and that’s something that a lot of people have wanted in an Apple watch for a while. It would have been nice to get an update or something for the previous gens but… sigh… I mean it’s nice that the new watch will have the same battery life as the current-gen and just have the always-on display.
That’s gonna retail for like starting at $500 or $400 and it’s gonna come in a bunch of new colors and it’s gonna come and titanium… it’s gonna be a bunch of stuff. Cool. This isn’t an in-depth video looking into things because at the end of the day there’s nothing particularly super special here or innovative or anything I mean that always-on display is different to what other always-on displays are, however, it’s you know there’s not much to say about it.
There are a few things to say about the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro max – mainly the iPhone 11 and I oop… mainly the iPhone 11 is just the iPhone XR with a couple of new colors and an extra lens on the back. It is faster it has the latest a 13 Bionic chip or whatnot but it’s the same thing if you have an XR there’s nothing to upgrade to here.
If you have an iPhone 10 there’s just nothing to upgrade to here and of course, if you have 10s there’s especially nothing to upgrade to here because the speed changes aren’t gonna be incredible nothing is gonna be worth upgrading to.
Now let’s talk about some of the superficial things that design nerds and people will geek out about and that is that the pro has a nice textured back and yeah I mean that’s gonna make it look and feel special and different to the iPhones we’ve gotten over the past a couple of years it’s gonna make a feel I guess Pro compared to the other ones and all jokes aside I guess you know it is nice because I have disliked the glass backs on all these phones I know somebody did a textured back recently and I think that was Google or something I don’t remember.
But I think it was it felt really good and I think this is gonna feel nice as well and it’s gonna look really good too because they’re kind of the main color they’re going for this year is gonna be that midnight green and they’re also gonna have a silver space grey and gold as usual but I think this textured look that they’re giving it is making things look nice because hearing some of the promo pictures the Space Gray looks like a gunmetal gray the midnight green looks stunning it looks like a forest green almost nice it reminds me of like a Mini Cooper green and looks cool and I think this is gonna make all the colors butter.
So the silver is gonna look better it might look more like white and this the gold is gonna look better and because it’ll be more toned down and look less reflective I guess now the iPhone 11 is also coming in a couple of new colors is gonna be like three pastel colors there’s gonna be a green and yellow and a purple there’s also gonna be the regular black silver or not silver but white and red so those are gonna be very straightforward the display on the iPhone 11 is staying the same and nothing special it’s pretty much the same display we’ve had since like the older iPhones.
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it’s nicer it gets improved a little bit but it’s the same thing it’s no OLED display it’s no high-res display and it doesn’t match up to any device in its
price range that gets released nowadays from Android or whatnot for $700 you’re not getting a great display is that a bad thing not necessarily if
you’re not used to an OLED display or anything like that or you don’t care lots of people don’t care to believe it or not so I that’s a
fine phone I mean the iPhone Elevens a fine phone if you want to upgrade from like an iPhone 7 or whatnot or you were planning on getting in ten
are then this is might be a better way to go and especially if you like some of the colors but 10 are still fine this just has two lenses and new colors and
it’s a little bit faster.
I guess now with the new cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro there are going to be a bunch of new cool little features so it’s also gonna be like a slow-mo feature on the front-facing cameras I think all of them are gonna have this and yeah so get prepared to see that all over Instagram and on videos online, because people are gonna use that there are three cameras on the back again and there’s gonna be some cool new like fusion mode that they’re gonna be taking out later in the year that’s gonna be allow you to take up one picture but it’ll take a few pictures before and then a few pictures after.
I’ll combine everything I’ll use machine learning to create the output of the picture and you like combine everything we’ll see that when it comes up guessing it’ll be neat now they did such fun the fact that filmic Pro will have a feature that’s gonna allow you to record from two of the lines at the same time so you could select like wide-angle and normal or zoomed in and normal or the front-facing and the back facing at the same time not
sure if the Apple camera app will have this feature in any way they only mentioned it with the filmic Pro app I think that’s a great feature that I think we had for some time on Android devices it doesn’t get used often.
But the way they’re touting it here was cool because basically, you could film at the same time and then use those two footages to you know switch between shots and the Edit Bay or whatever and it makes it nice for people that shoot on the go and it turns into a more of an actual camera because you can film from basically as if you were filming from two cameras I guess we’re really talking about minor things because I these aren’t reasons to get a thousand dollar phone at least not for the average consumer.
But this is what Apple announced I guess one of the more exciting things was that they said that the analog Pro Bowl lasts about four hours more than the 10s and the pro match will last around five hours more than the 10s max so that was pretty cool that’s what I’m excited about it because I think my
tennis doesn’t last me the full day when I’m using it for hours more would last me the full day so I’m pretty excited about the battery life upgrades and I think that has to do just mainly with efficiency of the new a 13 chip so we’ll see that when it comes out we’ll do a battery life test and check
that out so I’m excited for that aside from that guys that’s pretty much it you can expect pretty much every little thing on the phone to be improved like face ID and I don’t know water resistance probably improved.
But I mean nothing crazy I could sit here and talk about what would have been cool to get an ounce and there would have been a ton of things I honestly I did get hyped up a little bit for an Apple pencil for the phone to be announced and I know it’s a little bit silly to get a stylus for the phone or whatever but it’s it would have been kind of neat because then I would have gone for the Mac’s and it’s just quite nice if you’ve ever used procure or anything like that procreate an Apple pencil is just really cool and a form factor of a phone is nice as we’ve seen with the note it works one it’s a nice little thing to have but whatever we didn’t get that but yeah I mean I guess if there was a little thing that they could have added that would have been nice would be that the pro models would start at 128 instead of at 64 gigabytes.
Because they kept it still at 64 256 and 512 which is ridiculous I mean they’re saying that it’s a pro model no pro wants only 64 gigs of storage if they’re filming a 4k video and everything so 120 it should have been the standard at least for the action 11 pro what made sense for 64 to be the standard on the 11 it just doesn’t make sense because on the 11 we have 64 and then it goes up to 128 so that’s twice the amount and then he goes up to 256 twice the amount again but on the 11pro we get that little thing where it’s like 64 and then it jumps to 256.
So, the only logical choice is 256 if you’re spending that much money already it’s one of those like advertising gimmicks and annoying things that they do and it’s just super annoying they could have at least fixed that for the 11pro but you know that’s those are the little things that Apple does that you kind of go like y-you know but yeah that’s pretty much it for this video guys leave any comments down below what you guys think about the new iPhones if you guys are excited for them certainly I don’t find it particularly all that exciting.
I think if you’ve been waiting to upgrade for a long time, I think now is the time to upgrade to not this phone and maybe get one of the previous phones for a much cheaper price and that’s probably the way to go because you aren’t missing out on much an iPhone 10 is gonna be super cheap now 10 are is gonna be super cheap now so maybe look into those.
If you’re interested but yeah I mean midnight green looks cool and texture back looks cool new colors look cool cameras look cool that’s what’s new with the new iPhones and if you have any questions or anything you can reach out to me in the comments below or on twitter at Farmar D&L; on Instagram at the same handle and thanks for watching this video if you made it this far
thank you know I never make videos like this I thought I’d try something new and I’m looking forward to checking out all the colors and the iPhones in a couple of weeks when they come up but yeah I’ll catch you guys in the next Article goodbye.

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